Evaluating Pan and Zoom Timelines and Sliders

Please find our paper as PDF!

Try out different multi-scale timelines from our study online!

Take a look at EasyPZ.js, our library to make any web visualization interactive via pan and zoom, for mobile and desktop, using just one line of code! This library was used to conduct the experiment.

The code to conduct the Amazon Mechanical Turk experiment is available at github.com/michaschwab/superzoom.

Analysis routines are available as R Markdown files. The compiled document detailing the analysis is available as PDF.

Additional Information about user behaviors is available in this PDF.

The anonymized collected data that was used to conduct the analysis is available as CSV. This is a summary, and we have individual pointer-event-level data for all 309 participants. This is about 2GB and is available upon request.

And here is a video demonstrating all pan and zoom techniques used in the study:

Michail Schwab, Sicheng Hao, Olga Vitek, James Tompkin, Jeff Huang, and Michelle A. Borkin